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CVD Diamond Inc. has been a player in the lab grown diamond industry since 2012. Backed by its five decades of experience in the jewelry industry in New York, Los Angeles, and India, they have become a reliable source of natural and lab grown diamonds for jewelers and jewelry retailers today.

Using the strictest manufacturing and quality standards, CVD Diamond Inc. provides only the highest quality lab grown diamonds. Each lab grown diamond sold wholesale is Type IIA, a grade reserved only for the rarest of jewelry-grade diamonds. CVD Diamond Inc. also offers lab grown diamond jewelry, including lab grown diamond rings, stud earrings, and tennis bracelets.

In addition to lab grown diamond jewelry being highly-customizable, CVD diamond Inc. offers the best value for money for jewelers and jewelry retailers. Lab grown diamonds are more affordable than natural diamonds, though having identical physical, chemical, and optical properties. Lab grown diamonds are also ethically-sourced.


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Why CVD Diamond Inc. is the Best Option for Wholesale Lab Grown Diamonds in New York

CVD Diamond Inc. has five decades of experience in natural diamonds in the most ultra-competitive locations, such as the diamond district of New York and the jewelry district in Los Angeles. We are one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality lab grown diamonds in the world and suppliers of the widest variety of affordable lab grown diamonds for jewelry retailers and jewelers.

The Wholesale Lab Grown Diamonds We Provide


Technological advancements and improvements in manufacturing efficiency have made genuine lab grown diamonds more affordable and more available wholesale to jewelry retailers and jewelers.

Excellent Quality

CVD Diamond Inc. supplies only Type IIA Diamonds. Each lab grown diamond sold wholesale has quality reserved only for the rarest jewelry-grade diamonds. That includes satisfying all requirements for the 4 C’s.

Vast Variety of Lab Grown Diamonds

Diamond sizes from 0.005 carats for melee diamonds to 8 carats for certified lab grown diamonds are available. That means you can have the perfect diamond to serve as the primary gem, accent stones, or melee diamonds to help you create the perfect piece for your clients.

Wide Collection of Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

We have a team of artisans that can provide lab grown diamond rings, tennis bracelets, and stud earrings.


Our lab grown diamonds and lab grown diamond rings, bracelets, and stud earrings are highly customizable. You can select from our in-house designs or coordinate with us to make lab-grown diamonds from your design.

Ethically-Sourced and Sustainable

We follow the strictest labor and manufacturing requirements for our lab grown diamond production, assuring you that each diamond is ethically sourced. Lab grown diamond manufacturing also requires a lesser carbon footprint than mining for jewelry-grade natural diamonds.

CVD Diamonds Inc. Are Proud Members of IGDA and JBT

International Grown Diamond Association

International Grown Diamond Association

the jewelers board of trade member

The jewelers board of trade member

Customer Satisfaction is Our Success

We always seek to provide the best value for money for our clients. As one of the leading lab grown manufacturers in the world, we are helping revolutionize the jewelry industry by giving our clients the best investment option for diamonds.

Quick Turnaround Time

We can deliver your lab grown diamonds within two days of your order. You can also access a vast selection of lab grown diamonds and lab grown diamond jewelry to help your business grow immediately.

  • Our Wholesale Lab Grown Diamonds Are Your Best Investment Option
  • Our Wholesale Lab Grown Diamonds Offer the Best Value for Money
  • You can Get Our Wholesale Lab Grown Diamonds Quickly
Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturing is Environmentally-Friendly
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Highly-Customizable with The Largest Selection of Lab Grown Diamonds Sold Wholesale

Aside from having a vast selection of diamonds and diamond jewelry available for jewelers and jewelry retailers, you can also have pieces customized according to the design that appeals to your clients.

  • The best jewelers and artisans to craft your lab grown diamond jewelry
  • Each lab grown diamond jewelry is highly-customizable
  • Only the highest quality lab grown diamonds will adorn your jewelry pieces wholesale

Flexible Minimum Orders for Wholesale Lab Grown Diamonds in New York

We offer jewelry retailers and jewelers flexible options for order quantities. That means whether you are a small jewelry retailer or a jewelry retailer that caters to a national audience, we can provide wholesale lab grown diamonds for you.

  • Flexible Minimum Quantity
  • Providing You With Practical Financial Sense for Your Business
  • We Support Jewelry Retailers of All Sizes
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