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CVD Diamonds is a leading lab grown diamond manufacturer and lab grown diamonds distributor based in Los Angeles and New York City. We have decades of experience in the jewelry business, both for natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds.

Contact Us About Our Lab Grown Diamonds Los Angeles & New York 

International Jewelry Center
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Los Angeles, CA, 90013

Phone: +1 (909) 910-2465

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Phone: +1 (323) 356-6929

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    Why Choose CVD Diamonds for Wholesale Lab Grown Diamonds?

    Wholesale lab grown diamonds are more affordable than natural diamonds in Los Angeles and New York

    Wholesale lab grown diamonds provide excellent value. Aside from having quality levels that approach the best natural diamonds in the market, they are more affordable than natural diamonds of the same size and quality.

    Lab grown diamonds Los Angeles and New York sites are real diamonds

    At the strictest definition, lab grown diamonds are authentic diamonds. The only difference is how they were made. Lab grown diamonds have the same chemical, physical, and optical characteristics as naturally-minded diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds have the same sparkle, scintillation, and fire which stand out once cut. Under the naked eye, it is impossible to tell the difference between lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds. Only specialized equipment can determine the difference.

    Wholesale lab grown diamonds in Los Angeles and New York are good investments for jewelry retailers

    Lab grown diamonds sold wholesale from our Los Angeles, and New York sites present an ethically-sourced alternative to natural diamonds, which may have unclear histories on how these were acquired. Moreover, lab grown diamonds are sold at a lower price than natural diamonds of comparable quality and size. In the case of melee diamonds and other smaller cuts, lab grown diamonds present the best value because those diamonds are less distinguished.

    Enjoy only high-quality choices of types available for wholesale lab grown diamonds in Los Angeles and New York

    Type IIA diamonds are non-fluorescent, giving them a rarity not even found in most minded diamonds. Type IIA is exceptional because only around 1 to 2% of naturally-mined diamonds make this grade. At CVD diamonds Inc., only Type IIA diamonds are available for purchase wholesale.

    If you are looking for high-quality and affordable genuine diamonds, buying lab grown diamonds wholesale from us provides great value to jewelry retailers.