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CVD Diamond Inc. has over 50 years of experience in the jewelry industry, dealing with natural diamonds and other types of jewelry in Los Angeles, New York, and India. CVD Diamond Inc. is one of the world’s leading lab grown diamond manufacturers, having started lab grown diamond manufacturing in 2012 because of the promise & tremendous potential it holds. It is currently firmly established in the International Jewelry Center in Los Angeles.

Today, CVD Diamond Inc. produces the highest quality of lab grown diamonds that have satisfied clients in the last decade. We only sell Type IIA Diamonds, with quality reserved only for the top 1 to 2% of all jewelry-grade diamonds. With a vast inventory of lab grown diamonds available wholesale, CVD Diamond Inc. can provide the best value for money for jewelry retailers and jewelers in Los Angeles.


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Why CVD Diamond Inc. is the Best Lab Grown Wholesale Supplier in Los Angeles

We provide one of the broadest inventories of lab grown diamonds & lab grown diamond jewelry in the market. We also offer customization for all jewelry pieces we provide wholesale. With the strictest quality and manufacturing standards, we ensure supplying only the highest quality lab grown diamonds to our clients.

What We Provide

We care for our clients. That is why our lab grown diamonds are the best investment for any jewelry retailer and jeweler.


Lab grown diamonds are available at a fraction of the price of natural diamonds with similar quality. Technological advances have made the price of these genuine diamonds more affordable.

Excellent Quality

Each diamond sold by CVD Diamond Inc. is Type IIA Diamonds. These have the same quality reserved for the rarest types of jewelry-grade diamonds. Our lab grown diamonds have the same chemical, physical, and optical characteristics as the best natural diamonds.

Vast Variety

We provide brilliant-cut diamonds from 0.005 carats for melee diamonds to as large as 8 carats for certified lab grown diamonds. Like natural diamonds, each has unique qualities that are graded similarly.

Widest Collection of Jewelry

We offer lab grown diamond rings, lab grown diamond stud earrings, and tennis bracelets. Each is crafted with the best artisans to ensure that you have wholesale the highest quality lab grown diamond jewelry.

Highly Customizable

Each piece of diamond and lab grown jewelry is highly customizable to conform to your requirements. You can select from our in-house designs or request your designs.

Ethically-Sourced & Sustainable

With lab grown diamonds being manufactured according to the strictest labor and industry standards, you can rest assured that each lab grown diamond from CVD Diamond Inc. is ethically sourced. Lab grown diamond manufacturing also has a lower carbon footprint than natural diamond mining.

CVD Diamonds Inc. Are Proud Members of IGDA and JBT

International Grown Diamond Association

International Grown Diamond Association

the jewelers board of trade member

The jewelers board of trade member