Non-Certified Wholesale Lab Grown Diamonds

Get Non-Certified Wholesale Lab Grown Diamonds For a Fraction of the Price

Diamond and jewelry wholesalers can now enjoy the best value from ethically-sourced diamonds by purchasing non-certified lab grown diamonds from CVD Diamonds Inc.
Purchasing Non-certified lab grown diamonds wholesale presents wholesalers with the opportunity to provide even more affordable jewelry pieces to your market with the same high-quality and genuine diamonds made according to the strictest standards of one of the best lab grown diamond manufacturers in the world.
All lab grown diamonds purchased wholesale from CVD Diamonds Inc. are Type IIA, the same as those with the certified lab grown diamonds we also offer wholesale. Our strict quality controls ensure you get the same quality as the top 2% of the most desired diamonds in the market.

Non-Certified Wholesale Lab Grown Diamonds For a Fraction of the Price

Vast Range of Non-Certified Lab Grown Diamonds To Select From

Get a vast range of sizes of non-certified lab grown diamonds from CVD Diamond Inc. We have sizes of non-certified diamonds that can fit most of your requirements for accents for jewelry pieces you will introduce to your market.

Our vast inventory of non-certified lab grown diamonds will provide you with the flexibility to design jewelry pieces that will fit the latest styles and tastes of the most discerning of customers. With Type IIA diamonds available to you, you can be assured of the same sparkle, quality, and fire as those from the rarest of diamonds in the market, at a fraction of the price.

Carat Clarity Color Cut
carat-dimond 5 ct: 11.1mm clarity of lab grown diamond flawless colorless Lab grown diamond colorless (D,E,F)
Proper cut of lab grown diamond
carat-dimond 4 ct: 10.2mm clarity of lab grown diamond very very small Inclusions near colorless Lab grown diamond near colorless (G, H, I, J)
carat-dimond 3 ct: 9.1mm clarity of lab grown diamond very small Inclusions faint yellow Lab grown diamond faint yellow (K, L, M)
Shallow cut of lab grown diamond or CVD diamonds
carat-dimond 2 ct: 8 mm clarity of lab grown diamond small Inclusions light yellow Lab grown diamond light yellow (S – Z)
carat-dimond 1 ct: 6.5 mm clarity of lab grown diamond Imperfect 1 very light yellow Lab grown diamond very light yellow (N, O, P, Q, R)
Deep cut of lab grown diamond
carat-dimond 0.56 ct: 5.2mm clarity of lab grown diamond Imperfect 2
carat-dimond 0.28 ct: 4.25mm clarity of lab grown diamond Imperfect 3
carat-dimond 0.15 ct: 3.3mm
Type IIA Diamonds

Why CVD Diamond Inc. is Your Best Option for Wholesale Non-Certified Lab Grown Diamonds

As a leading lab grown diamond manufacturer, CVD Diamond Inc. can provide you with the highest-quality non-certified lab grown diamonds in the industry. We take pride in maintaining the strictest manufacturing and quality control standards to ensure that each diamond we introduce to the market is at par or exceeds the quality reserved for the finest diamonds. Each of the diamonds we manufacture is a Type IIA diamond, a grade that makes each piece you purchase from us fit for the best jewelry pieces you sell to your clients.

CVD Diamonds Inc. Are Proud Members of IGDA and JBT

International Grown Diamond Association

International Grown Diamond Association

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The jewelers board of trade member

What Sets Non-Certified Lab Grown Diamond Apart from Certified Lab Grown Diamonds?

Physically, chemically, and optically, there is nothing that distinguishes non-certified lab grown diamonds from certified ones. The only difference between these two sets is the certification received for certified lab grown diamonds. Each diamond we produce goes through exactly the same process, including quality controls. Certified lab grown diamonds, on the other hand, are sent to an independent gem lab to have them certified by an expert jeweler who issues a certificate. Because non-certified lab grown diamonds don’t have certificates, they present more affordable options than certified lab grown diamonds.

Are lab grown diamonds real diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to naturally-mined diamonds. The only difference between lab grown diamonds and naturally-mined diamonds is their sources. As its name suggests, lab grown diamonds are manufactured by simulating the conditions that create natural diamonds resulting in the same crystalline structure. Both are made of pure carbon and both may have inclusions and flaws. Only a certified jewelry expert using specialized equipment can determine the difference between natural diamonds from lab grown diamonds.

Are lab grown diamonds bought wholesale a good investment for jewelry retailers?

Yes! There are several reasons why lab grown diamonds present an excellent investment opportunity to jewelry retailers. First, lab grown diamonds are much more affordable than natural diamonds of the same quality and size. Second, you can be assured of the ethical sourcing of lab grown diamonds. Third, in the case of smaller-sized diamonds, such as melee diamonds, lab grown diamonds are virtually indistinguishable from natural diamonds, making them excellent options for adoring fine jewelry pieces. For more details on why lab grown diamonds are excellent investments for jewelry retailers, read about them in our blog.

Are lab grown diamonds and synthetic diamonds the same?

No. Both natural and lab grown diamonds are pure carbon crystals with the same structure, physical and chemical properties. Lab grown diamonds are almost identical to naturally-mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are considered genuine diamonds that were deliberately grown in a laboratory using the same principles as how natural diamonds form.

Synthetic diamonds don’t last as long as lab grown diamonds and scratch more easily. On the other hand, synthetic diamonds are different. Cubic zirconia, also known as high-carbon diamond, is a form of synthetic diamond that is inexpensive and may appear like natural diamonds under the naked eye. Another form of artificial diamond is moissanite, a diamond-like substance known as fake silicon carbide.

Does CVD Diamond Inc. offer uncut lab grown diamonds wholesale?

No. All lab grown diamonds we manufacture go through the same manufacturing process and quality control, including cutting, to ensure that we maintain the same quality and brilliance that consistently satisfies our clients for decades. We only sell Type IIA diamonds to ensure that our clients only get the best quality lab grown diamonds in the market. To learn more about sizing, cuts, and shapes for non-certified lab grown diamonds, call us at (213) 629-1091.