Wholesale Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Get Lab Grown Diamond Rings Wholesale For a Fraction of the Price

To jewelry wholesalers: Purchasing lab grown diamond rings wholesale from CVD Diamonds Inc presents you an opportunity to provide your market with stylish, genuine, ethical, and affordable high-quality diamonds! We offer a vast range of styles and lab grown diamond sizes available for you.
Each piece of lab grown diamond is manufactured using the strict standards that endear us to customers for being one of the world’s finest manufacturers of lab grown diamonds. CVD Diamonds Inc. only introduces Type IIA grade diamonds to assure our clients that they are provided with the highest quality diamonds for rings we sell wholesale. Our lab grown diamond rings are crafted by dedicated jewelers using the popular styles your market will indeed embrace.

Lab-grown Diamond Rings Wholesale

The Best Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings and Other Ring Designs Available to You Wholesale

CVD Diamond Inc. has a vast selection of lab grown diamond sizes and ring designs available wholesale:

Single stones

3 stones

4 stones


The total weight of lab grown diamonds available for rings range from 0.50ct to 6.0ct. The vast selection of lab grown diamonds available to you allows you to highly customize the lab grown diamond rings you can order from us wholesale. You can combine different sizes of lab grown diamonds in your selected ring designs. With the broad range of ring designs and lab grown diamonds available to you, you can provide your market with affordable and high-quality choices of diamond rings!

Contact us to choose sizes, designs, and quantities for lab grown diamond rings available wholesale.

Wholesaler of Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Why CVD Diamond Inc. Can Provide You With The Best Lab Grown Rings Wholesale

CVD Diamond Inc. has built a sterling reputation in the jewelry business for fifty years. We are also one of the world’s finest lab grown manufacturers. We combine our experience in jewelry making with our proven excellence in lab grown diamond manufacturing to provide the highest-quality lab grown diamond rings wholesale. With each piece you purchase from us, you can be assured of excellently-crafted pieces by our highly-skilled jewelers. These lab grown diamond rings are highly-customizable to fit the taste of your clients.

CVD Diamonds Inc. Are Proud Members of IGDA and JBT

International Grown Diamond Association

International Grown Diamond Association

the jewelers board of trade member

The jewelers board of trade member

Can I purchase a diamond ring wholesale without the setting?

No. All the pieces of jewelry we offer wholesale should be bought with our lab grown diamonds set. Whether for earrings, tennis bracelets, or rings, lab grown diamonds are always included for jewelry we sell wholesale.

Are lab grown diamonds you manufacture identical?

No. The process of manufacturing lab grown diamonds simulates the conditions that create natural diamonds. The resulting lab grown diamonds always come out unique from each other, including inclusions and flaws. However, because of our strict manufacturing and quality control, each lab grown diamond we sell wholesale is of the highest quality.

Is there a way to determine the difference between lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds of the same grade?

Unless you are a highly-trained gemologist using specialized equipment, determining the difference between lab grown and natural diamonds of the same grade is challenging. Both diamonds are indistinguishable under the naked eye, or when seen under a magnifying lens.

Does a lab grown diamond get cloudy over time?

No. Lab grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as natural diamonds. That means lab grown diamonds never get cloudy over time, retaining the brilliance and fire through generations.

Does a lab grown diamond have the same sparkle as a natural diamond?

Yes! Lab grown and natural diamonds have the same chemical composition and crystalline structure. Compared with natural diamonds of the same grade and size, lab grown diamonds have the same fire and sparkle.

Are lab grown diamond engagement engagement rings in high demand?

Yes! Especially for the younger audience looking for diamonds that they can assure of being ethical, lab grown diamond rings present an excellent alternative to natural diamond engagement rings. Lab grown diamond engagement rings are also more affordable given the same quality, size, and ring design. Lab grown diamonds are genuine diamonds after all, which last forever like natural diamonds.