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Get Lab Grown Diamond Bracelet Wholesale For a Fraction of the Price

Provide your market with sparkling bracelets by purchasing genuine lab grown diamond bracelets wholesale! These stunning bracelets crafted with the highest standards of fine jewelry making are available to you at a fraction of the price. Each piece is identical to natural diamond bracelets.
By purchasing lab grown diamond bracelets wholesale, you can provide your customers with high-quality genuine diamonds that are sure to be ethically sourced. Each diamond acquired through our manufacturing process has a smaller carbon footprint than natural diamonds, making them eco-friendly.
Whether for tennis bracelets, rings, stud earrings, or as loose diamonds, CVD Diamonds Inc. provides only Type IIA diamonds for jewelry and lab diamonds we offer wholesale. By purchasing jewelry pieces from us, you can be assured of receiving quality diamonds reserved only for the top 2% of jewelry-grade diamonds in the market.

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The Best Lab Grown Diamond Bracelet Designs Available to You Wholesale

The tennis bracelets offered are highly-customizable including the design and the total weight of lab grown diamonds going into each piece. The total weight of lab grown diamonds for tennis bracelets can be between 5ct and 35ct. The vast range of choices available to you can help you provide mesmerizing tennis bracelets for your clients!

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Why CVD Diamond Inc. Is Your Best Option for Wholesale Lab Grown Diamond Bracelets

Our vast experience and reputation built over five decades of experience in the jewelry industry, combined by being one of the world’s finest manufacturers of lab grown diamonds, make us a reputed distributor of lab grown bracelets for jewelry retailers. The strictest quality we maintain for each lab grown diamond we manufacture ensures that you will get the best value from the lab grown diamond tennis bracelets purchased wholesale. We treat each lab grown diamond with the highest level of care and attention. With the help of highly-skilled jewelers, we can provide you with highly-customizable tennis bracelets that your clients will embrace.

CVD Diamonds Inc. Are Proud Members of IGDA and JBT

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International Grown Diamond Association

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The jewelers board of trade member

Are tennis bracelets available wholesale without lab grown diamonds?

No. Each piece of jewelry we offer wholesale should always contain lab grown diamonds we manufacture.

Are all lab grown diamonds manufactured by CVD Diamonds Inc. identical?

No. Like all genuine diamonds, each lab grown diamond we manufacture is unique. Despite being manufactured, there are many factors that go through the process of making lab grown diamonds. However, the resulting product is similar to natural diamonds in terms of crystalline structure, chemical composition, physical characteristics, inclusions, and flaws.

Is the difference between natural and lab grown diamonds obvious?

No. Only trained gemologists using specialized microscopes can tell the difference between natural and lab grown diamonds. When set in jewelry under the naked eye, and even under a magnifying glass, both natural and lab grown diamonds are indistinguishable from each other. Best of all, given both natural and lab grown diamonds are of the same grade, they have the same sparkle, fire, and brilliance.

Do lab grown diamonds eventually get cloudy sooner than natural diamonds?

No. Lab grown diamonds are genuine diamonds with the same physical, chemical, and crystalline properties as natural diamonds. Neither lab grown diamonds nor natural diamonds eventually get cloudy over time. Because both lab grown and natural diamonds have the same hardness, you may care for them the same way.

Do lab grown diamonds have the same sparkle as natural diamonds?

Yes! Lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds have the same fire, sparkle, and brilliance if they are the same grade and size. Both natural and lab grown diamonds share the same crystalline structure, as well as the same chemical and optical characteristics. This means the tennis bracelets you purchase from us will have the same sparkle as a tennis bracelet set with natural diamonds of the same grade.